About Us

Enlighten Aromas is a home fragrance brand that provides a practical solution for busy women who lack time for self-care. Women have many responsibilities and often do not slow down long enough to think about how prolonged stress is negatively affecting them. 

Our products are created with busy, success-driven women in mind. The women who are juggling job pressures, family schedules, career and educational advancement and doing it all while uplifting and inspiring those around her. We see you.

Our mission is to promote self-care because we know you can’t keep pouring into others if you haven’t refueled yourself. Engaging in activities that stimulate and soothe the five senses helps to reduce stress and the sense of smell is strongly tied to mood. Smelling powerful scents engages the receptors in the nose and can help keep the mind focused and refreshed.

Enlighten Aromas’ home fragrances create an ambiance for women to experience relaxation, calm, and engage in more mindful moments in their daily lives. We believe self-care is imperative to health, well-being, and overall life balance. Our lines of carefully handcrafted products are made with quality ingredients and are hand-poured with love in small batches.